Monday, June 6, 2011

Is trance cool again?

'Snooze 4 Love' 
Running Back Records 2011

Its amazing how one track can galvanize an entire genre back into public discourse.  Bok Bok seems to have accomplished as much with the recent 'Silo Pass' off his Southside EP—bringing instrumental Grime roaring to the front of DJ's vinyl crates worldwide.

But its another feat altogether to jumpstart a genre as uncool and unobtrusive as trance.  Yet that's exactly what Todd Terje is trying to do.

His latest single 'Snooze 4 Love' is a liquid jaunt back to 1997, a simpler time when one could listen to a Jan Johnston track without rolling their eyes; when one could still bump Cafe del Mar in the car and not be enroute to a tanning salon.

'Snooze 4 Love' is a lush track that seems built for summer sunday hangovers—the bass from last nights party still ringing in your ears, the sun peaking into your messy apartment.  The synths are slippery yet consistent and the structure of the track is linear as fuck.  Granted this isn't groundbreaking stuff—even back in 1997 it wouldn't have been—but its classy enough to start turning heads back to the days when trance wasn't a dirty word.

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